About Us

The company was established in order to provide all kind of medical devices and medicines, implement and manage medical services for corporate clients and governmental sector according to their different needs. We provide innovative services, compatible with the unique requirements of each client, through providing it to suit the special needs of each customer.

The company specializes in the trade of medicines, medical devices and supplies .

About national development

National Development Group Co. is one of the Leading companies in Kuwait in general trading & contracting. It is a well-established company seeking to utilize the best technologies and updated systems, the company has carried out the import, supplying and sales of all kinds of construction materials (i.e. reinforced steel cement, timber, etc.…) in the most organized and professional approach to our customers, the government projects, housing and private sector projects

The company made the best efforts to diversify its supplying and import network from neighboring countries as well as international markets the company’s activities and target is to establish a strong distribution and sales base by maintaining close and quality relation with clients through dedication and cooperation, which created a unique and mutual relation with our customers.

The Company was established in 1996 after the liberation of Kuwait, and has contributed in the re building of what was destroyed by the Iraqi invasion. It has played a vital role in bringing back the image of Kuwait as leading modern country and the pearl of the GULF.

The continuous development has helped the company to march ahead in the filed gaining a good reputation in the market.

The Company’s capital has increased to be K.D 10 million and this was achieved by the creative planning of the top management supported by the sincere and hardworking team of employees.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to create a segmented specialty lines in consumer health care
  • Studying the Market Needs.
  • Identifying Niches, [unmet need, outdated technology, undeveloped competition, wide demand and/or high budget allocation].
  • Allocating Proper Product to the selected niche
  • National med. utilizes its network within Kuwait Medical Community to identify its targets
  • National med. Supported by the national group which is one of the strongest Trade groups located in Kuwait, Oman and Egypt
  • Financially supported by the mother group Beside the high experiences of legal, administration And relations

Our Mission

Provide innovative and high-quality products and services related to pharmaceutical, nutritional, and medical equipments to our customers

National med. Team vision

  • Thinking out of box
  • Searching for uniqueness & valuable replacements
  • Working in deferent fields related to the medical concept parallel to the main field ( pharmaceutical and cosmetics )
  • Long term plan to be one of the top 10 medical agents with in the next 3-5 years.
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